When I was younger I was sent to conversion therapy and all that nonsense, but I could never change who I really was inside.

This song by Skitsofrenic takes a humorous approach to a factual statement: “You can’t pray the gay away … no matter what your preacher say…there’s no changin’ DNA, you can’t pray the gay away.”

I think what sells the sarcastic irony even more is how they do the overall video as if a televangelist is doing a  PSA about homosexuality.

Skitsofrenic has this to say to all their LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters: “We pledge our support of and for the equal rights and treatment of the LGBTQ community.  We hope all people feel the freedom to let their freak flag fly.”

I love that so many allied individuals have come together to support our community. It just goes to show how far we have come.

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