Have you have ever been in a situation where a group of lesbians or gay men are not buying that you are a real bisexual? In this video we see Alexis Zall’s funny approach to what a bisexual individual can do to explain his or her sexual preference to friends.

Let me set the scene for you.  Gaby is out with her girlfriends, who all happen to be lesbian, for brunch when it comes to their attention that she identifies as bisexual. At first, they are confused because Gaby has a girlfriend and does other such lesbian things that would not indicate her being anything other than a Lesbian.

So, Gaby tries to explain to them how she is attracted to people of both genders, hoping to help her friends understand how she got to the point in her life to know that she is bisexual.

This video pokes fun at having to try to explain to your friends what being bisexual means.  A lot of times the rest of the LGTQ+ community looks at the “B” and dismisses that identity as “you’re confused,” “you just want to sleep around with everyone,” “there is no such thing as being bisexual” and so on. However, we shouldn’t diminish how someone else feels or chooses to identify. We must love and accept no matter what we think is different from our own perspective.

I love the humor this video adds to a very real situation.  If we don’t like it when society tells LGBTQ+ people that we are wrong and messed up, why should we do that to one another in our own community.

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