He’s back!!!! The ever-elusive Jason Farone is back on social media after like five months. This video is about the effects of social media on your mental health.

In the start of this video Jason tells how he started slipping into the basing his sense of self-worth on how many people would interact, like or communicate with him via social media. He goes on to talk about how most everyone on social media filters his or her lives online to where you only see the good things that are going on.  We or others start comparing our own lives to that, even though we know the others are not showing us everything that is going on.

Jason elaborates on the fact that some people have gotten to the point that social media has become addictive for them and they cannot live their lives without it. So at times it is ok to “unplug” and get away from it for a while to “detox.”

We are in a world where social media is a major part of life, work and day-to-day experiences, but we don’t have to be so plugged in that we forget there is a world around us that isn’t digital. In his conclusion, Jason wants us all to understand that looking for validity and self-worth on social media does not bring you happiness or peace and will drive you “bat shit” crazy.

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