I am not sure about the rest of you, but have played that game of “what’s in the butt” before. Davey Wavey and Brent Everett take it to a whole other level.

I’m impressed that Davey allowed and trusted Brent to administer these unseen anal probings. However, there are a few items that were used on Davey’s posterior that were just crazy — like the “Dragon Fruit.” The incentive was clearly to get Brent to take almost all his clothes off, which I think I would be able to bear if it was a hot porn star “giving it to me.” But I am not a power bottom who likes all that ass play realness.

I give Davey props for  “taking one for the team” to show how different things up your ass don’t always give you the same feeling a good ole sex toy does. His facial expressions are the only reason I made it through this video. Well that and also seeing Brent get basically naked. You are a brave man Davey Wavey, and even though we are all sitting down and watching this we are giving you a “standing ovation.” Watch

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