I can’t stop giggling from watching this episode of “Once Upon a Crime” by Todrick (Judge Ratchet) and his special guests Alyssa Edwards (Belle) and Valentina (Snow White) as they find out who really holds the title of ‘Fairest of Them All 2017.’ As we tune into this episode we have Belle coming into the courtroom accusing Snow White of stealing the title of ‘Fairest of Them All 2017.’ It just all goes downhill from there. We come to find out that Belle was originally crowned with the title but was unable to fulfill her duties and so the crown was transferred to Snow White. I am amazed by how Todrick can take something as iconic as these Disney characters and create a hilarious and unique story involving a civil dispute. Alyssa and Valentine really do a great job playing these characters and making them their own, and I love “Fantasy Court TV” even more because of it. Watch all the other episodes of “Once Upon a Crime” and find out the shady truth about some of your beloved fairytale characters. Watch

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