Drugs, what are they, how do they affect you and where can we get some…..for educational purposes only of course. I do like the fact that Katya can speak about this subject after being so addicted to drugs for a long time. Now that she is sober she doesn’t rub it in people’s faces and can still poke fun about it, and honestly Trixie is #vanillaAF.

Now we here at GayLifeLA and the people at World of Wonder are not promoting the recreational use of illegal drugs. But it is a topic that people don’t have enough ways to learn about in a “not too serious” format.

It is obviously your choice to do anything. But just know the consequences going into it and realize, as Katya says, that if you get drugs off the street you take a gamble whether they are fake and really messed up and could potentially kill you. I feel like I should insert a wind chime sound or an image of the “more you know” thing. Anyway ,this is a lighthearted but informative way for people to find out, through someone who as pretty much done it all, the effects that drugs can have on you. So check out this great and funny video about the 411 on drugs and how they could potentially make your dick fall off. WATCH

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