Two Asian American stars Thomas Orlina (Filipino-American) and Malia Baldovi (Hawaiian Asian-American) launch a brand new online talk show titled “Two Besties Together” also known as (“TBT”).

The talk show has three segments, “The Topic,” “The Product,” and “The Throwback.”

The show enables them to connect with their diverse audience visually on screen and communicate with their social media following on an assortment of relevant hot topics.

They also feature product endorsements by introducing new products to the audience and share throwback moments together in celebration of a decade as “besties.”

Bestie: Thomas Orlina

Thomas Orlina is best known for creating and starring in his self-produced eight-episode show titled, “Your Time With Thomas” which was featured in articles online including a live television sit-down interview with CNN in the Philippines. As his personal brand and drive to become a leading show creator in the entertainment business continues, he takes on “Two Besties Together” — also known as “TBT” – in reference to “Throwback Thursday” or the day the show airs on YouTube.

“I’m so grateful to be able to continue to create content that allows me to tap into the world of imagination in hopes to inspire and connect with today’s society. Being the creator, host and executive producer on this show with my bestie has been an innovative and unique experience,” Thomas said.

Bestie: Malia Baldovi

TBT features Hawaiian native Malia Baldovi, a host and executive producer on the show. She can be seen sharing her thoughts and opinions on important subject matters, such as dating and bullying. Malia has experience working on set and in television production most recently for the widely known USA Network franchise, “Temptation Island.”

“This has been an amazing process and having a show to interact with the audience and working with someone I call my bestie is amazing,” she said.

The Three Segments On TBT:

The first segment titled “The Topic” explores many different conversations and discussions like, dating, mental health, LGBTQ subjects and more.

In the second segment called “The Product” they introduce products launched by up and coming entrepreneurs, influencers, business owners and some of who are sponsors for the show. In the episode one, the product featured is Modern Alkeme, a detox drink created by Bravo TV’s, Jules Wainstein and Chloe Flower, who just completed a “break the internet” performance along-side hip-hop artist Cardi B at this years Grammy Awards.

In a special section of the show labeled as “Besties Of The Week,” the audience is introduced to some of their global following. The show has already featured Grammy winner Cardi B; celebrity fashion designer Michael Costello; global beauty guru Patrick Starrr; Jovan Rosario, a New York-based artist who has collaborated with the Kardashians and Jenners; and also “The Real Housewives of Orange County” stars Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter.

The shows closing segment is called “The Throwback,” where the hosts share special memories from the past.

Still To Come On TBT:

More episode from Season One of “Two Besties Together” have been shot. Expect a Mukbang eating challenge and subject matters like the LGBTQ community.

The pair has begun preparing for the launch of their first ever music single that is set to release on iTunes.

You can expect a dance routine choreographed by a professional choreographer and a music video as well.

“Two Besties Together” is available as a podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify.

 Follow their talk show Instagram profile @twobestiestogether or their personal profiles @thomasorlina and @maliabaldovi


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