This week on the “Trixie and Katya Show” we have special gust Bob the Drag Queen dishing all things about the Internet with Trixie. They look at how the Internet has integrated itself into every facet of our lives, from the interactions with others, to dating and how we perceive the world.

Then they test each other’s knowledge of commonly used acronyms in a segment called “Acronymphos.” It’s fun to play along with them and see if you know what these actually mean. I got three right, so I fail at this stuff.  Next is their ever popular segment “Asking For a Friend,” where they answer your questions. But remember nothing’s too weird, because you are asking for someone else — not you. I couldn’t stop laughing at  “Trump or Troll,” where they read several Twitter posts and guess if it’s a Trump post or just a regular troll post. Frankly there isn’t really a difference.

They also send out their army of queens to talk to people on Hollywood Boulevard and see what naughty things they have been looking at on their phones.  And regarding phones, they look at different apps and decide if they are an “app or crap.” What’s great and scary is that we depend on the Internet so much, which is great but also kind of disturbing .

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