I want to congratulate our friends Branden Roth and Randi Lamey on placing No. 5 overall in the competition as well as winning in the “Best Makeup” category.

For those who did not see the interview with Branden and Randi on Holding Court with The Empress of WeHo – S2.E28 “Tom Cat” was a film Branden and Randi did for a competition called “24 Hour Film Race” in which they had to shoot, produce, edit and complete a short film all within the span of 24 hours.

In this film we see Tom as a “trans-species” cat (i.e. a human being who identifies as a cat) who is trying to live his everyday life and express his own identity. This is indicative of the struggle many LGBTQ+ individuals deal with daily in trying to be true to their selves. This short film shows the freedom in being comfortable in your own fur…I mean skin.

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