On the latest episode of “The Pit Stop” we join hostess Trixie Mattel and her guest, Kim Chi, as they kiki about the maxi challenge and the surprising elimination from Season 4 Episode 4 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars”.

They start out discussing their thoughts on the cast for the latest season — and they think is doing well and holding their own this season.

Next, they go in depth about the performances of all the queens in the maxi-challenge called “Jersey Justice” in which the All-Stars had to dress up like women from Jersey and improvise a courtroom scene with Michelle Visage as the judge. Trixie and Kim Chi discuss their favorite and least favorite groups from this challenge.

Then the two of them start dishing about the day in the workroom after, and how some of the queens really were in a state of denial on their performance during the maxi-challenge.

Finally, we hear their critiques of the queens’ main runway looks and who wore it better.

I’m excited for the next week’s episode of “Drag Race All-Stars” and what drama will ensue.

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