Too often we don’t pay attention to the fact that there is still a lot of hate and anger toward the LGBT community.  It’s especially rough for teens who are struggling to figure out they are.  Identity is a scary thing when you feel like you have no support system. This video, “Teens Like Phil,”  brings to light that not everyone is as comfortable about being true to himself as others might be.

This story is about two boys — Phil, a gay boy,  who likes Adam,  a closeted boy at school. It shows the torment Phil faces from the bullies who want to hurt him, and it shows that Adam wants to take out his frustrations out on Phil because he doesn’t like what Phil embodies.

We live in California. And in West Hollywood are nearby areas more people are accepting of LGBT young people. But we forget that in Los Angeles alone there are almost 8,000 LGBT homeless young people who are on the streets because they were thrown out their homes or persecuted by the people who were supposed to be their friends and family. When you feel like you have no one to talk or turn to,  you feel like there is no hope for you at all.

As we see in Phil’s case it can lead to some individuals trying to harm themselves. I hope that everyone knows that there is always hope and always people who you can talk to if you need help. You are never alone! WATCH

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