Taylor Olson, Billboard-charting singer-songwriter, today released his first visual album – Bed of Roses – produced by frequent collaborator A. Mark The 2nd. Bed of Roses is a 5-track EP, released alongside a music video for the title track. Along with the EP release, Olson is sharing a trailer for his forthcoming visual album to be released later this summer.

Bed of Roses marks the fifth body of work from Olson, which follows a busy 2018 in which he released eight singles and music videos over eight months. For Bed of Roses, Olson and producer A. Mark aimed to showcase Olson’s artistic range, while still creating a cohesive body of work to chronicle what it is like to fall madly in love when you least expect it, only to watch it all be ripped apart.

Later this summer, Olson will release a Bed of Roses visual album in the form of a 30-minute film that explores the EP’s storylines and features all five tracks.

Stream the EP in full here, which will be available now for you to watch. Watch the title track music video here.

Bed of Roses Tracklist:

  1. Bed Of Roses

  2. Found Love In Vegas (part 2)

  3. Let This Go (featuring A. Mark The 2nd)

  4. You Kissed Me Now I’m Fucked

  5. It Is What It Is


Empress: What inspired you to create this single?

Taylor: I was actually walking with my producer (A. Mark The 2nd) and we were talking about kind of like that part in a relationship and the first time you get to be physical with that person. And I was saying like it should always feel like when in that movie where Christina Ricci falls backwards into that bed of roses and then I was like “OMG” we should call it bed of roses. Then we both started to work on this and he went about producing it the way he saw that visual in his head and I started writing it the way I saw it in mine and here we are today.

E: Why a did you want to create and EP around the “Bed Of Roses” title?

T: I wanted to call it bed of roses because the song was a lot more sexual and sensual that I have ever been. And the more I wrote about that I started leading to write more sensual than I had ever before and I wanted to explore that more. So the other four songs in the EP were basically an extension of the initial “Bed of Roses” song.

E: What message are you hoping to convey with this EP?

T: There are two different things:

First, is more personal where I am writing about things I have never really touched on, in my music, before. And I wanted to let it go and let it out and free myself from holding anything back.

Second, in a general way exploring the different aspects of your emotions whether you are happy, sad, horny or whatever and what they means to you.

E: What do you hope your followers/fans receive from the message?

T: I think, without like doing this on purpose during Pride month, that I  want to encourage my fans to like not hold anything back either and to be free to be sexy, explore themselves and just have fun with it.  Honestly, I really hope someone DM’s me someday and says that they had sex while listening to one or more of these songs.

E: How long did it take for you to create this EP:

T: Um from start to finish it took us about 8 months. We actually started this process during the time when we were working on my “888” project. I mean I am basically like psychotic.

E: What inspired the release of the visual album?

T: I really wanted to push myself further than I had last year, doing 8 songs and 8 music videos. I was looking at this like all of these songs are like cohesive and I was thinking that I wanted to take this a step above and make these a story all centered around the music.

E: Where can we go listen to “Bed Of Roses” today?

T: “Bed Of Roses” is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all music platforms. Make sure to download and stream it all Pride Month long!

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