I was honored to get to interview the talented M. Tennyson about his career and upcoming performance at the 2018 Queer Biennial. His upcoming EP is so relatable for me. I grew up in a very religious household, as did M., and the music he plays is very much a reflection of my story of having to find my way out of a misguided and misinterpreted faith that tried to say that God hated me and didn’t have unconditional love toward me.

M.’s story is a powerful one that will move you to a state of serenity as you journey with him on his travel to discover himself and his daily struggles with that inner voice we all have that fights against us.

“Spark” is about recognizing that change is possible no matter how trapped we feel. There are days, sometimes weeks, where it feels like my life is stuck on repeat. I roll out of bed, back into my head and live with the doubts I accept. This feeling can be paralyzing, and I think there is a universal desire to be able to change and grow from these moments. This song is about realizing that our shadows and dark places are actually very important. They offer contrast in our lives and create the greatest opportunities to learn. And it all comes from a single “spark.” – M. Tennyson

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