I am always looking for great music to jam out to, and nothing makes me smile more than a beautiful love song. And if there is a little boy action as well, then….giggity. In this song by Brandon Stansell we see a budding love story. One guy is a hitchhiking man trying to get where he needs to go and the other is a cute stranger that offers to help him out. Fate, however, pushes these two closer together when the car breaks down (basically in the middle of nowhere). They happen upon this little oasis and start to get closer and closer. I am not a big country music fan but I really like what Brandon does with his music. It’s very sultry and melodious, drawing you into the song with him, and not just some honky red neck song that you usually expect from country music. From shooting at soda cans, to the shower scene (HOT DAMN) and finally to campfire under star light — I loveed watching and listening to this song video again and again. I like Brandon’s message — slow down and take your time. You don’t need to rush into falling in love, just enjoy the journey. Watch

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