Everyone in our community has at one time or another experienced Shade in his life. I am living for this song by Cake Moss about how if  you’re trying to throw shade at her, you’re the one who will end up with dirt on your face.

She is saying that you keep missing her with the shade you are throwing her way, and all it does is make you look petty and vain. Most people have had a hater or two and end up coming out clean from the mudslinging they try to do.

One reason I love this song is the opening sequence with someone rolling around in money. Second, there’s the boys she has as eye candy. Finally, there’s the amazing Alaska Thunderfuck throwing her #SnakeQueenRealness into the mix to help Cake to slay this video.

I hope this song teaches all those shady people out there.  You better watch the shade you throw because it could sometimes come back to bite you in the….tooshie.

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