I am totally obsessed with this new song “Sanctify” by Years and Years. It really is an interesting shift from some of Olly Alexander’s past work and really pulls out this side of his music that you may not have know about before.

From some of the other different articles I have read this song channels two different religious inspirations from the church to Britney Spears. In an article by BAZAAR Olly explains how, “I just wanted it to be a really cool pop song that Britney would have done.” He also explains how the line, “I make holy my sinfulness when I pray,” is really “alluding a little bit to being on your knees, for whatever reason, but also that being gay is also a blessing. It shouldn’t be viewed as something sinful.” This song is also about his experiences about being in a relationship with straight men, but particularly with this guy he had recently been with who identified as straight but acted a whole other way when he was with Olly.

The video was also an interesting choice in the context that the world is now run by machines and humans are a rare commodity that when found are made to preform for their biomechanical masters. I really hope everyone will enjoy this song as much as I do and dance like no one is watching.

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