Last week Impulse Los Angeles put out a video, created by Brad Hammer Productions, called “The Real Drag Wives.”  I am sure you are wondering why Impulse would do this type of video. You will find out when you are introduced to all the lovely wives.

First we have our hostess, Trudy Vada (played by Trinity Taylor), next is Bareback Betty (Aurora Sexton), then we have Abbi Stence (Gia Gunn). And then there’s Kellyanne Condom (Mayhem Miller),  Pep Elle Pill (Allusia Alusia), and Undetectablle (Ongina).

They all come together with Trudy for a special announcement. However, that spirals out of control as they start arguing about which way is better to protect oneself from STIs.

Then Undetectablle calls out Bareback Betty about her being such a slut about that she needs to get tested ASAP. Everyone then starts just yelling and accusing. Before things get completely out of control, one final wife that steps in. That’s everyone’s favorite queen bitch, Lisa Manderpump (Anita Procedure).

I died watching this video loving the funny and clever way that Impulse Group is able to address prevention in all its RAW glory. Also watching all the “husbands” screw each other by the pool was pretty hot.  Honestly, I would watch this kind of show way more than The Real Housewives.

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