The producers at Mashable Watercooler had the guys from the newest season of “Queer Eye” over to discuss their “like’s” or “dislike’s” of some popular millennial trends.

First was squiggly eyebrows, which to me look a little photoshopped.  I would never take someone seriously with those things on their face. The guys are not on board with this trend except for Jonathan, who is living for these brows.

The next trend is duvet ponchos,  which are ridiculous.  I think that just looks tacky as hell, and most all of the guys agree. Then there’s those disgusting nose hair extensions, which I just can’t, I mean I can’t even, with this. Then we see a very split decision among them about “see through jeans.” I agree with Jonathan again. I would totally wear those out to the club.

I am not a fan of the next trend, “sphynx cats,” because they look like they are from the Devil. The Queer Eyes guys go back and forth on this one – after all, it’s an animal, but hell it’s one ugly animal. Next is La Criox soda, which is basically fizzy water with a splash of some flavor.

The next trend I could (and do) stare at all freaking day, because, babe, who doesn’t like a good Thirst Trap, which are sexy Instagram pics of men’s sexy bodies.  Next are the ASMR Videos, you know those ones of that lady like eating crunchy food or clacking her nails on the microphone, it’s so weird that people listen to this stuff all the time. And that wraps up some pretty weird trends. Basically my generation is on crack.

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