Many LGBTQ people spent their weekends celebrating Pride month in bars. However, one group celebrated on Saturday in West Hollywood by lifting weights rather than margaritas.

They were participants in the OutWOD festival, which took place at Brick Los Angeles on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Ben Kawaller, a comedy writer, was there with a camera to capture the sweaty fun. Kawaller says he has an “occasional bent towards sports and gay neuroses,” which bents are brilliantly displayed with a click on those words in this sentence.

The video above runs for about five minutes, and it’s worth watching to the end to see which sweaty and muscular guys and gals ended up in first and second place. And while you wait, Kawaller will entertain you with interviews that show he’s not just a comedy writer. He’s damn funny on the virtual stage.

Founded in New York City in 2011 by Will Lanier, an LGBTQ athlete and advocate, OutWOD has grown into a national effort to bring together LGBTQ athletes and their allies to sweat together in a safe, inclusive group and to raise funds for local LGBTQ charitable organizations. Its focus is on CrossFit (WOD is CrossFit jargon for “Workout of the Day.” OutWOD has staged events in cities as varied as Nashville, Portland, Miami and New York City.

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