Threats, violence and social media madness….OH MY! These are just a few things being thrown around by RuPaul’s Drag Race alum and winner, Tyra Sanchez.

After doing my due diligence when it comes to personal homework and research, I decided to be the judge of the severity of the current situation going on re: Tyra vs. DragCon.

Like all great tales, it begins with “a bang,” when our crowned winner was banned from this year’s RuPaul’s DragCon after allegedly threatening violence against some of her past RuPaul’s Drag Race cast members including fan favorite, Tatianna, and not so fan favorite, Phi Phi O’Hara on a variety of social media platforms.

This Shakespearean-styled social media battle came to a halt when Ms. Sanchez ( if ya nasty) reposted an email from the highest authority at DragCon and World of Wonder stating she needed to put out a formal and public apology on her wildly popular social media platforms. Needless to say, Tyra was not amused nor on the same page, as she did nothing of the sort and simply asked for her money back from her prior payment of her booth at DragCon. Drag costs money people!!

Since her removal from RuPaul’s DragCon, Sanchez has issued threats to anyone in attendance of DragCon, specifically on Saturday, May 12, stating “Do not go, you have been warned” in more ways than one. Different images of the venue for DragCon being blown up have been displayed and surfacing all over the web on multiple verified accounts. One blog states that one of Sanchez’s tweets was reporting to the FBI for further research.

As someone who works in the West Hollywood drag scene, I decided this all seemed a bit much for one human being and started to ask around. After speaking with numerous other working drag queens in the area, management staff for multiple venues and designers who have even dressed Ms. Sanchez, she has been described as nothing less than an “extremely nice & hard working performer.” Tyra Sanchez can be seen almost every week in different drag shows all over West Hollywood including, Lip Service and Brunch Service on Monday and Saturday at The Abbey.

Is it possible that there are three+ sides to every story and this was all some online drag drama?

Eric Restivo

About The Author:

Eric Restivo is a member of the West Hollywood community who works in the nightlife scene, hosts a podcast on Iheart radio and is a proud family member of GaylifeLA.

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