WeHo Confidential is for sale.

Lucas John Junkin, who launched the website in April 2010, confirmed to WEHOville that it is for sale for $15,000 to a local buyer and “much more” for anyone else.

Junkin has been working as an event promoter at Fubar as well as running WeHo Confidential. He told WEHOville that he has decided to devote his full time to work as real estate agent. Junkin is a former candidate for the West Hollywood City Council and co-chair of the city’s Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board.

Lucas John Junkin, owner of WeHo Confidential
Lucas John Junkin, owner of WeHo Confidential

WeHo Confidential, a gay gossip website, is notorious for a feature called “The Rent,” where Junkin has posted photos of local young gay men headlined with the question: “How does this person pay the rent?”

Posted under each photo are anonymous vitriolic comments, apparently not moderated by Junkin, accusing the young men of selling drugs, committing sexual acts for money or indecent behavior. Under the 1996 federal Communications Decency Act a website cannot be sued for slanderous comments by others, although most sites such as WEHOville.com moderate comments to exclude those that are slanderous. The Rent has not been updated since 2014, however the profiles and vitriolic comments remain on the site.

WeHo Confidential also has published stories with vicious attacks on local people such as James Duke Mason, a local activist and also a former City Council candidate. “You’re not going to be a legendary anything in the entertainment business because people can’t stand the real you,” read one story about Mason carrying the byline “Neo.”

WeHo Confidential also has published news stories that drew attention. One in 2011 reported attacks in West Hollywood in one week on three gay men, two of whom said their attackers made homophobic statements. The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station and then-Mayor John Duran played down the incidents, saying there was no evidence the attacks were moved by hatred for gay people.

Despite its notoriety, WeHo Confidential has enjoyed support from some West Hollywood leaders. City Council members John D’Amico, Jeffrey Prang and Duran gave or received awards at the webstite’s 2013 “Who’s Who Awards” and Mayor Lauren Meister appointed Junkin to the city’s Gay and Lesbian Advisory Board.

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