I am obsessed with Mickey Taylor and how he creates music that not only makes you want to move but also to explore the sensual part of another person. This song is all two men meeting one another and exploring each other and their desires. For those who don’t know, Mickey is a porn star turned pop-star who is making a huge splash with LGBT fans everywhere. Directed by MrPam and Mickey Taylor, this music video is a prequel to “All Day” and it shows you  how Mickey and Gabriel Phoenix got together.

Actors in the music video, apart from the two main characters, are Kayden Grey, Michael Wyatt, Billy Rock and Matt Anders, most of whom appear in the party scene in the video. In the video, Kayden Grey is the one who introduces Mickey Taylor and Gabriel Phoenix and forces them to kiss after a bit of drinking. The small narrative is intercut with very hot scenes of Taylor and Phoenix getting together. I love its bold and unashamed exploration of male sexuality.

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