I’ve always found cooking to be a fun and relaxing experience. However, conjoined cooking is something I never tried before, and I admire Tyler Oakley and Alex Wassabi for their bravery lol. In this episode, Tyler and Alex practice cooking for the camp they will be volunteering at and work to perfect their sloppy joe skills. With a conjoined twist. These “brothers from the same other mother” get taped together and have to combine their skills to make sure they create a delectable meal. It is quite hilarious to watch as they chop, dice, mix and cook. I always love that Tyler never does anything in the traditional way and always tries to have fun by mixing it up. I don’t trust my friends not to cut off a finger or two of mine if we did this. But cooking is something that can be fun and the results are always worth the effort. So take Tyler and Alex’s inspiration and get to cookin’.  Watch

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