GayLifeLA is pleased to announce that we are adding the hit show “Listen Sweetie” to our family. West Hollywood’s very own Eric Restivo hosts this 50-minute backstage tour of fun with your favorite local and not so local celebrities, covering everything from the most popular of topics around the world to the most absurd. He also puts his guests through a PG-13 (and sometimes R) rated rapid fire segment.
Eric graduated from Pace University with a BFA in Musical Theatre back in 2010 and is still trying to figure out what to do with it. While performing in a number of productions in New York City, he discovered his talent of hosting. With a love for trending topics and pop culture, Eric created “Listen Sweetie” with the goal of annoying all of your favorite celebrities at the same time. The goal of course, is world domination.
You can catch “Listen Sweetie” every Thursday at 4 p.m. streamed on Universal Broadcasting Network and Facebook live. It’s also available for download on IHeart radio, Itunes and of course always GayLifeLA.

Listen Sweetie

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