If you are one of the lovely drag housewives that enjoy a man playing with your poodle (dog) then you want to head on over to the Poodle & Martini Society hosted by Chris “Badnews” Barnes, owner of the famous Flaming Saddles, where he will want to play with your poodle (he means your poodle dog.)

This video was freaking hilarious and well-produced and the throw-back to an older style was refreshing for a silly video like this. First off Chris Barnes has a great voice and a lovely country charm. And it’s even better when he gets a little goofy when jumping into the pool. Also there’s the amazing choreography by his wife, Jacqui Squatriglia, as she whips those queens into dancing shape with their one and two and kick, ball change. Clever and creative and slightly naughty. Chris really does love him some poodles…I mean dogs of course. And a big congratulation to the four queens and their poodles who performed: Eric Harbin and Cinnamon; Hayden Clifton and Peanut; Kris Coughlin and Romeo, and Craig Baker and Koda. Now I want to play with a poodle! (I mean a little poodle dog.) WATCH

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