Ich liebe diese schwule Web-Serie (I love this gay web series). I thought I would brush up on my German today and introduce you to this really incredible gay German web series called “Kuntergrau.” It is about five friends and the things they deal with — whether relationships, sex, HIV or just good ole drama. There are a few different stories that overlap. First there is the story of Jan and Noah, who are in a relationship. But Noah is into BDSM and Jan is not. That puts a strain on their relationship because Noah can’t get his rocks off any other way.

Then there is Leopold the virgin (no pun intended) who meets Lukas. Lukas just came out to his family and was forced out of his home and moved to Cologne. He has been sleeping with the final friend, Marcel. Nonne of the guys know that Leopold and Lukas are becoming a thing until later. And that, dear readers, is just the beginning of Season One.

This drama-packed web series will suck you into the lives of these five boys and show that relationships and their struggles are always the same no matter what side of the globe you are on. I like how this video points out common issues young gay men face when growing up, coming out and discovering who they are or who they love, and how most of the time it is a freaking mess. I really hope they continue working on more episodes. Visit their website for more info at www.kuntergrau.netWatch

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