I always love a good comedy that really draws you in and leaves you in stitches from laughing too hard and in this new series by Michael Henry he does not disappoint. Basically the story of “The Journey Of Being Likeable” starts with Michael having all three of his friends come out for his birthday for some amazing and life changing news. He then proceeds to tell everyone that he is changing his life, quitting his job and becoming a stereotypical West Hollywood slut. His friends then try to talk him out of it and try to figure out what is really going on with Michael and why he wants to drastically change himself. I love the way this is written and can not stop laughing because, sadly, there are so many gays out there who are actually like this and think that this could be their lives. Michael is comedy gold and I am living for this series. The first three episodes are already out and you have to watch them all and see which one all your gay and straight friends relate to because believe you all have them.

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