First and foremost if you don’t know who the amazingly sexy Bryan Hawn is then gurl you are living under a rock and need to buy a fresh bag of tube socks, lock yourself in your room, find the lotion and open up his YouTube videos and start at the beginning (#You’reWelcome).

I always look forward to another parody by Bryan, seeing how he adds his own sexy flair to another song. In this latest one he parodies the song “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons as Sister Bryan and other Sister Hawn try to discipline trouble maker, and occasional stripper, Bryan Hawn in detention.

However, things do not go as planned when young Bryan causes the Sisters to “get down with their bad selves” and Bryan finally gets that “A” he’s always wanted. The only upsetting part of this whole video is that the pesky blue apple wouldn’t get out of the way so we could see the goods. Like I said before, if you haven’t seen any of Bryan’s other videos you should start right away and just make sure to have one of your friends come look for you in like a day or three. Watch

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