No relationship is ever easy, but what about an online one that has never gone further than the keyboard? In this film by the Arbor Company we see Kevin, played by Dylan Henley, who is taking a trip to Las Vegas to meet his “online boyfriend” out IRL (that’s “In Real Life” for those that are older than 100).

Kevin is excited to finally meet the guy he has been talking to, who he feels he has  an amazing connection with, and he’s ready  to take this relationship from digital to physical. However John, the guy he has been talking to, is a no show, and we see how cruel reality can be sometimes.

I think most of us have experienced a time in our lives when someone “ghosted” or “catfished” us into thinking that the person we were chatting with online was sincere and real — the actual person  he was pretending to be online. It is a sad reality of the age we live in that people are trolls and don’t stand on the pedestals that we place them on.

If this video has a message,  it is that love is hard and tough and when dealing with people online make sure to protect yourself. You can’t always avoid the trolls, but make sure you don’t let someone hurt and mistreat you like John did to Kevin, leaving him to sleep alone.

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