After almost a year and a half of anticipation, I’m excited to see that Kenyth has brought us another amazing song.

I called him to get the “T” on his new single, “Holy Water.” I wanted to know why the switch in tone from his hit song “Unlock Your Heart” in 2015. Which took us over the rainbow with his Wizard of Oz theme, but now “Holy Water” leads to a much darker, more realistic place.

“The song is about a loved one struggling with addiction,” Kenyth said. “It’s something I feel a lot of people can relate with — especially in the LGBT community. I know I can.”

Kenyth was referring to an ex-boyfriend and a cousin who were substance abusers. For him, the song resonates on a personal level.

Though the official music video will not be released until early next year, Kenyth released a special basement acoustic version of the song featuring fellow gay artist Zee Machine, which can be heard here. It was his first time working with Zee. Kenyth said it was an amazing partnership and that he was honored to have Zee’s help in making this version a success.

After a rough year dealing with the loss of his grandmother, who he was close to, Kenyth said he wanted to find a way to take the that pain and put it to music. This song also is his way of showing his fans that he has matured, which is something he said he’s been ready for after years of being referred to as the “Wholesome Homo.”

“It was cute. He was fun. But the time for rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers have passed,” Kenyth said.

“Holy Water” was written originally by Tim Feehan and 80’s pop icon Tiffany, this song was produced but never released. I asked Kenyth why this song. “I don’t remember where I heard it,” he said, “but all I knew was that I completely resonated with this song.”

He said he reached out to Feehan and Tiffany and they were more than happy to let him put it out.

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