I am a huge fan of Hayley Kiyoko’s songs and the way they tease and sensually display women being with other women.

In the song “Curious” by Hayley, this girl is with a guy, and they go to a party.  What the guy doesn’t know is that she is secretly into Hayley, who is also there, and she keeps trying to “play” with Hayley behind her guy’s back. The  song is all about Hayley trying to find out if what she and this girl have is serious or if she just want to play.

Now enter Jake Wilson, who has on previous occasions taken popular songs and added his “gay” spin to them. In Jake Wilson’s version of “Curious” we have a similar story line where this guy (who plays the part of Hayley) goes to a party and sees on Instagram that this guy who he has had a thing for will be there and that he is single. However, a few Insta-pics later, he sees said guy with a girl and can’t figure out why he went after a girl when he had him.

So they do a little cat and mouse game, ending with some hot boy on boy make-out action in the bathroom. This video will get you wet in all the right places and shows that you should always make sure he is only serious about one thing and that is you.

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