We finally have a new season of “Hashing it Out” with Billy Francesca. Great news is the show is in a new location called Tini in the Fairfax District. It’s somewhere with a lot of luggage (honestly I think she is just hiding out somewhere under baggage claim at LAX). The official first episode of Season 7 kicks off with some questions from the “studio audience” (aka Billy’s Bitches) about some rather interesting topics and Billy’s thrashing of each and every one of them. First off is PrEP and does it make people more whore-ish. Next is what is the greatest innovation of our time. Does Billy’s fidget spinner help to relieve his stress? (Well he is still bald, so you guess). Then we hear about a documentary, provided by Billy’s newest sponsor Hulu, called “Batman and Bill.” Next next Melania Trump, Conway and Huckabee. Then he discusses his issues with self-parking cars and rearview cameras. Then he enlightens us on the BS that is gluten allergies. Next is Gwyneth Paltrow and toilet paper shortage and finally felching! I know you will enjoy this newest episode of “Hashing it Out” and learn some fun things about the world you never wanted. But now you are on the street smarter because of it, and for that Billy, we thank you!  Watch

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