Most people think that if someone says they have a kink or fetish it’s something dirty, rough, weird or gross. However, in this video by Cut, we meet Cid who has a lineup of several different people whose kinks he tries to guess. This shows us that first you can’t always judge people by their preferences and also they might not have been as weird or different than some things we already might have tired.

Here’s how this works:  Each person comes up to Cid, who tries to assess what kink he or she is into. There’s a range of kinks, from role play to licking. In the beginning, Cid is asked if he has any kinks and answers “no.”  But during the video we learn that he has a couple that he didn’t realize were considered kinks. It goes to show you that we shouldn’t judge just because someone likes something that might be a little different than what we think is the norm.

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