I am so excited to see this new series by Grindr that is geared toward a very important topic on most, if not all, gay dating apps. In this new video series, Grindr interviews individuals that have faced many forms of discrimination that exist on dating apps. The first episode discusses sexual racism.

While there is a mass difference between preference and blatant sexual discrimination, I feel that too many times we, in the LGBTQ+ community, tend to not think about how we affect others when we make general assumptions about another individual based on their skin color, size, weight, masculinity/femininity or other traits.

In a human world all people have prejudices, but those who are going out of their way, especially on these gay dating apps, to discriminate on their public profile is just being cruel and petty.

We need to stop alienating the different people that make up this wonderful LGBTQ+ spectrum of all types of people. To find out more about Grindr’s Kindr campaign or to see more episodes go to http://kindr.grindr.com.

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