A lot of LGBT people can relate to dealing with religious parents or family about being gay. I grew up with a Southern Baptist father who was a pastor, so I had to deal with this. It is hard to be true to yourself and be okay with the fact that you are gay when your family, church and everyone else around you is constantly telling you that being gay is a sin, that gays are going to hell, that they are immoral people, etc.

This view is a little more on the funny side of this situation with the character’s friend trying to help him pray the gay away. There are probably tons of LGBT young people who have had this experience, or at least one very similar. I am not trying to get on some soap box, but I really wish people in the LGBT community would start looking out for young people who are struggling to come out and to be proud of their orientation without fear of family backlash.

The only family I have now is my partner and my friends, because they are the ones who love me for being me and not for who they expect me to be. Remember, show love to everyone and treat people the way you want them to treat you.  Brotherly love isn’t just in a Bible verse, it’s an essential part of being a good person. WATCH

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