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Orange Theory is no joke. It has a very specific goal, which is to get you into a fat-burning zone that will last 36 hours. The more often you go, the more each workout compounds the effect, and you can get lean, tight, strong and fit and improve the health of your heart in the bargain. I give it my stamp of approval, let’s break down the why…

Greeting and First Class Procedure

The website says the first class is free (it is the corporate site). You give your info, and they call you to book the session. The first class at the Sunset West Hollywood location is actually $12 but well worth it. They ask you to come 30 minutes early the first time to get all your info into the system, get you set up and explain what’s going on. You also get a heart rate monitor that they link with your stats to get an accurate read. You wear the heart rate monitor through the entire class, and there’s a screen where you can see your heart rate. It’s called Orange Theory because you want to get into the fourth heart rate level (the orange level) or higher, staying in this zone is what creates the 36-hour burn.

The day of the class the trainer texted me to see if I had any injuries he should know about. Already that was one checkmark in the right box. When I arrived, a beautiful friendly girl at the front desk knew my name before I opened my mouth (that’s important because it shows a level of professionalism and attention to the individual). She then took me through the process. She was very welcoming, friendly, and professional.

The Class

The class is basically split into two or three groups depending upon what the client signed up for, and you cycle through three stations. It’s a lot of cardio, functional training and toning. It’s very good for all-over conditioning, weight maintenance and basic strength and functional building.

At Orange Theory, they change the focus between three revolving (unpredictably revolving) themes, and you never know what it’s going to be that day until you arrive — strength, power and endurance. The trainer was excellent at explaining the form of the exercises and correcting people when needed, this is VERY important and another major checkmark.

The three stations are a weight and TRX station, treadmills and rowing machines. They have the NICE rowing machines with the water feature (if you don’t know the difference or what I’m even talking about just trust me), which are the best. Most rowing machines at regular gyms are jerky and cumbersome, which make me feel really sad. So this was a treat.

To keep it real, there was a lot of treadmill, which I do not love. In this section they really get you burning fat by varying the speed and incline quite often, which is crazy effective and extremely efficient. Get on board with this, and it will be great for your health and your waistline. I found it crazy making so the trainer let me do a steady jog at Level 7. They also have a couple of stationary bikes and an elliptical if you need variety.

By the end of the hour I was drenched in sweat and glad to be done. So … mission accomplished!


The music was very upbeat and was played off of the trainers Spotify on his phone, so you can get a lot of variety by going at different times, which keeps it fresh.

Other People

People seemed really nice, and a lot of people were talking to each other. So you can make friends. There were a lot of women when I went, a couple of guys I couldn’t get a read on, and a variety of attractive gay guys, so HE might be there if you are looking…

Who This Is For and Who Not So Much

Not for bodybuilders or anybody trying to get huge.

That being said, I did think it was a good place to supplement for people don’t like to do cardio and just lift. You can get a class pass package versus a membership and go in once a week or so to get some cardio but tone at the same time.

This an excellent place for people looking to lose weight. It’s a supportive environment, and there are substitutions. I saw a lot of ages and strength levels. They aren’t going to push you past your current abilities, so it’s both safe and encouraging.

This is a great workout for busy people who don’t have time to tone and do cardio separately, they pack a lot into an hour.

Monte Cox

About The Author:

Monte Cox is a NASM certified personal trainer with three advanced certifications working with private clients and small groups in West Hollywood and Los Angeles. He specializes in adapting advanced training techniques specific to each individual clients needs and assists with personalized eating plans to achieve goals. He can be seen weekly hosting the only gay focused sports TV show, "Weho Sports Show," on Time Warner/ Spectrum. For inquiries or more information please visit

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