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I just ran 4.8 miles in 46 minutes. Not impressive to actual runners I’m sure, but that wasn’t my point in doing it. The point was for me to run the whole thing (not walk a bit here and there as I have done) for the first time in four years. Why is that a big deal to me? I want to be stronger in general. I want to make smart choices and finish what I start. This challenge presented itself as soon as I started the run today. I didn’t plan to do this, but something told me to. I spent the next 46 minutes cursing, making weird breathing noises, saying out loud to myself “GO,” and recommitting over and over to complete the goal.

Proving a Point to Myself

I used to do it all the time and it was nothing; it was easy like breathing, just a thing I did. I fell out of the habit and got into hiking and didn’t run for a couple of years. in the summer of 2016 I went for my first run after all that time off. My goal was simple: put on the running shoes, go outside, run at least a little bit, come back. it was a great way to get back on the horse. Eventually I was covering my old route to La Brea and back.

The difference has been that I never used to run the whole time; I would jog a bit, walk a bit, sprint a bit, walk a bit and I didn’t care. “At least I am getting exercise and covering the distance,” I reasoned. That statement is true and I’m glad I was doing something, but recently I have been listening to rich successful people talk about making money and getting things done. I recently heard billionaire Jesse Itzler say “how you do anything is how you do everything.”

The point being I am realizing I have been half-assing my runs. I also been half-assing reaching some of my goals. I am choosing to change that about myself. So I decided to make today the day that I change the way I run, and change the way I finish projects.

Most of the Run Was Really Tough

About three-quarters of the way to La Brea (the halfway point), I very logically decided that running half the way was WAY more than I had done in forever. That would be an amazing accomplishment, and going the whole way was totally crazy. I would be overdoing it. I might hurt myself. I might burn out of energy and not be able to grab a drink with my friends later. NO. DELETE. That is how someone who doesn’t accomplish his goals thinks. I am now someone who gets sh-t done, so I will obviously run the whole way.

I turned around at La Brea and kept running, thinking “let’s just see how much farther I can make it. I mean, obviously making it all the way home is too much and crazy.” But I kept going. Now, I don’t go quietly. At all. Many people walking ahead or to the side turned to stare and make sure I wasn’t a real threat as I told myself “GO” “F#$K” “KEEP GOING” “F#$K” and made a lot of weird breathing noises. But I did not stop. It felt good to finish, and this week I am only working on one side project, and I am going to attack it like that run. When I feel like quitting, I just won’t.

How About You?

is there anything you haven’t been doing that you’ve been wanting to do for a while? A project, anything? Think about setting a physical challenge for yourself and do it no matter what!

Monte Cox

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Monte Cox is a NASM certified personal trainer with three advanced certifications working with private clients and small groups in West Hollywood and Los Angeles. He specializes in adapting advanced training techniques specific to each individual clients needs and assists with personalized eating plans to achieve goals. He can be seen weekly hosting the only gay focused sports TV show, "Weho Sports Show," on Time Warner/ Spectrum. For inquiries or more information please visit

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