I am the kind of person that likes PDA and showing others that the person I am in a relationship with matters to me and I love them. However, for a lot of LGBTQ+ couples it can be scary or even life threatening to be so bold in our public displays of affection.

In this video by BuzzFeed we meet engaged couple Christian and Jason as they are challenged, for a week, to go out in different locations of Los Angeles and publicly display affection for one another and see what the outcome might be.

For both it is a truly nerve-racking experience wondering and worrying that they will be ridiculed, harassed or even physically assaulted by people uncomfortable with them being a gay couple and openly displaying affection for one another.

I think we sometimes overlook at even in today’s society the LGBTQ+ community is still a major target for hate crimes more than any other minority and that even in a state like CA, in a city like Los Angeles, we are not above dealing with hate.

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