For most people, working out is not fun. It can be a tedious chore. However, Jake DuPree in “How To Be Extra in Your Workout Class” shows how you can stand out in class.

First there’s “running is the new standing in place,” where the instructor explains the next workout and, while everyone else is standing still, you just keep moving because you are the most fit person in that class. No, in that gym. No, in the world. The next technique is called “literal star of the class” in which your jumping jacks turn into jumping splits.

Then there’s “great job on that set everyone,”  where after every set you turn and let the others know how great they did. And there’s a classic extra move called  “one legged burpee  so that instructor knows you’re the best person in his class. We also are shown the “booty work twerk,” where  you are into the music but you want to distract everyone from seeing that your form is terrible. A key component to being “extra” in your workout class is Instagram,  and having Glamsquad on hand to make sure you don’t look shiny, sweaty or gross during the workout.

Finally, once the class is done and everyone is ready to leave,  you round out this amazing workout with a pre-planned wardrobe change with confetti. Now take these amazing tips from Jake and go use them at your gym.

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