I was super excited and could not wait for this next season of Eastsiders with the return of a lot of the people we have grown to love in some of the past seasons. Season 2, which was nominated for a Daytime Emmy, left Cal (Kit Williamson) and Thom (Van Hansis) determined to make things work, despite some confusing developments in their newly monogomish relationship. However, after a challenging year in New York, they take a road trip back home to LA to pick up the pieces of their old life. As they travel back west, their strained relationship is tested by an empty bank account, arguments about the future and an encounter with a handsome drifter that really shakes up the foundation of their relationship. Sponsored by Impulse Group LA they go and film in 10+ different cities all across the US with some amazing and beautiful shots of our great country and it’s amazing landscape. You will be on the edge of your seat with the crazy, funny, sad and thought provoking dialog between these characters. Plus they are all hot too which doesn’t hurt.

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