I never really thought about the difference between gymnasts and divers because I thought they both did the same training routines. However, when you watch this video you really see how much more upper body strength Nile has, which is quite impressive. I love watching these “behind the scenes” videos Tom does. They give us a great look into the life and real work that goes into being an Olympic athlete. The training these guys go through is INSANE, but they are the best of the best for our country because of it. In the first part of the video we see Tom keeping up a pretty good pace with Nile, but once we start getting into the upper body parts of the training we can definitely see the differences between divers and gymnasts. The reverse is true when Tom puts Nile through his paces for diving. We have been wanting to see them wet from the beginning, and I am sure everyone was glad that Tom talked Nile into wearing those speedo’s.  Watch

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