This is an amazing story any parent should see that shows a kid is still the same person no matter if his or her name and gender identity changes.

Ryan Cassata tells about his experience with his father when he first started transitioning from a girl to a boy and how it transformed their relationship.  I like that Ryan is always up front in his music — there is no question about what the message is.

Too often we do not consider how our transgender brothers and sisters struggle to be their true selves They deal with added pressure from family, friends and society when all they want to do is be themselves and live their lives, without needing to explain it every step of the way. We should all feel free to be who we are without some imagined ideal of “being normal.”  That’s why I love that Ryan says, “…I didn’t change who I am. I have always been a man.”

You can find an interview with Ryan on where he discusses coming out to his dad, the toxicity of masculinity and his new song “Daughter.”

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