I love short films about young gay love because I am a total sap. And I really like how this film, Germain Choffart’s “Dare,” tells the story of what happens when someone dares a friend at a party to try something different.

Germain started this idea from a song and then turned it into a short film.

This is a story of a guy who goes to a party where a female friend sees another guy talking about girls with his bros and hatches a funny plan. During the party, they play spin the bottle with the basic “do something silly” results like making two girls kiss.  The friend’s “spin the bottle” plan is to dare her friend Germain’s character to go on a date with Hugo. The next day comes and the boys go on their date.  We see the skepticism, but then Hugo pulls out all the romantic stops to make Germain’s character more comfortable. The chemistry starts to work its magic. I don’t want to give away the ending, but it is freaking adorable and really reminds me of so many first dates with guys that had just come out or were still trying to figure out what they like. This is a story that many have experienced and it always makes me smile. WATCH

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