We saw her on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “Drag Race All Stars,” but now she is coming for Netflix. Alyssa Edwards, the tongue poppin’ queen who has twirled and sashayed her way into our hearts, is now the star of “Dancing Queen,” which features her dance studio “Beyond Belief Dance” and all the craziness that comes from working with passionate kids and their intense mothers.

The eight-episode docuseries shows a new side of Alyssa. It is full of sequins, drama, classic catchphrases and lots of tears. “Dancing Queen” also delves deeper to introduce viewers to the man underneath all that drag, Justin Lee Johnson.

“You guys have a good idea of who and what Alyssa Edwards is about. But there’s a man behind the magic and the mask who has another life and world that’s just as important,” Johnson told Entertainment Weekly. “The combination of the two makes this series special… This is a triumphant story, and hopefully, it inspires another little Justin somewhere in the world.”

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