9 thoughts on “Cooley’s is a Go. WeHo Council Rejects Proposal to Block Construction”

  1. Diaz’s “logic” has always been perplexing: His business partner disagrees with him; therefore it means that Revolver isn’t afraid of the competition. But that also means his business partner doesn’t agree with Diaz’s speculation that Cooley’s would disrupt the park.

  2. Mr. Diaz made a valiant and passionate attempt that got everyones attention and made people pause and think. But after you think it though there was only one reasonable conclusion to make at this time.

    The Council made the right decision.

  3. I think it is the basketball courts that are near the Cooley’s site. The tennis courts are on the roof of the parking structure. aren’t they?

  4. Was there any discussion of the parking credits that Cooley’s snatched up? That always seemed a little sketchy to me.

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