Hi my name is The Empress of WeHo and I am a high-functioning alcoholic.

Now that I got that weight off my chest, time for a cocktail!  Just kidding, not kidding — I’m already on my fourth vodka cranberry. I know most people out there think gay men are drunks, and the truth is we are, most definitely. I am so thankful for men like Michael Henry who showcase why we must drink so much.

I totally LOL’ed when Michael asked, “How many days do you guys drink?” to which his friends listed all the different days and ways they drink, but then Michael said, “…you don’t drink on Monday’s?” and with the perfect quick response his friend announced, “Michael, No! I am no insane.”

I know he isn’t being completely serious. But we all know, or are, people who do these things all day, every day. I think really gay men drink because if we have to put up with all you bitches we might as well be liquored up and having a “gay” time.

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