My name is Enoch Miller, and I am your unofficially official Empress of West Hollywood (#EmpressofWeho). I am so proud to live in an amazing city like West Hollywood that lets me be #GayAF, but still hang out with my extended surrogate family. My great passion is music, pop-culture, local events and all things LGBT-centric. So as the Empress of Weho, I promise to do my best to not only service you (*wink*), my loyal subjects and admirers, but also to provide you with the latest and greatest in entertainment, local events and all things hip. And of course keep up to date GTV, our directory of the best LGBT video series and one-offs in the world.

I would love to get to know more residents and people who love Weho as much as I do, as well as your favorite music and GTV!

Royally Yours,
Enoch Miller #EmpressofWeho
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