Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the stage Tito Bonito the Cuban Missile Crisis….braaadtttt, daaadt, daaa, daaa, daaat, dat.  I was so excited to see this “Boylesque” web series, by Jasten King, come across my email from my editor. If you don’t remember, I had Tito Bonito on as my guest for Holding Court With The Empress of WeHo – Season 1-Episode 2. For those who don’t know, Tito was inducted into the Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame 2017 for “Most Comedic” but this boy also knows how to twirl a mean nipple and butt pasty.

In this video we discover how Tito has always been an entertainer even as a young boy shaking his ass out at anyone in his family who was in flashing range. You always know that with Tito and his performances you are going to laugh and  kind of judge yourself for laughing at the same time. Jasten King does an amazing job of giving us inside look into Tito’s life as a male entertainer and Boylesque dancer. And for some reason now I want some Cuban food. Watch

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