I love films that are totally relevant in today’s culture and this is called “Boyfriend” by Kyle Krieger address an issue that I think many people deal with in the gay community.

Let me set the scene for you, boy meets boy and they hit it off and spend a great afternoon together. So they go home and then plan a date for the next day. They go to Runyon Canyon hang out, get close and comfortable being together all ending the night with a balcony overlook at the LA skyline. However, when it comes to that great part of the night where their faces get closer and closer together, but the kiss is a total miss.

Boy goes home wondering what he did wrong and if he missed some que or was moving too fast. All those things that run through someone’s head when you think everything is moving in a great direction but then you totally miss the signal. The ending is just heartbreaking and the way they should the other guy’s face says it all and the visual is what says so much more than any words could. Also the choice of having Sia’s song “Breathe Me” really ties it all together.

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