I love me some crazy videos of queens falling, and it’s only because I enjoy watching peopl, other than myself get hurt. (I’m sadistic like that). Who better to take us on this magical journey of tumbling queens than Willam Belli?

First queen up happens to be Willam herself as we flash back to her time on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” when she tries to stay vertical on a rotating stage. Does she fall!?! You have to see. Next, we have Alyssa Edwards hosting a pageant somewhere in the South. The queen comes out and topples over like a house of cards, and the rest is some tom-foolery, floutin’, bootin’ mess that you just can’t look away from. Then we have Glitter Balenciaga at a show that Willam was hosting. Here you see that the bigger they are the harder they fall. Then we have an epic “fall on your ass” with the stunning Janice Dickinson, but at least she looked cute!

Next, we have Jink at a “Drag Race Stars” tour where she slipped and de-skirted Courtney Act. Then we have some queen who gets a face full of the projector screen. You should always be careful for those things cuz they fight back! Finally, the one that shows us even the most polished queens sometimes have a bad day is with Bianca Del Rio taking a tumble on stage. Honestly, I could watch the one with the queen getting hit in the face with the projector screen for hours on repeat! WATCH

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